Is a patented system, a unique and everlasting solution for a proper way to prepare healthy food. Masterpiece Cookware’s superior Zepter Metal 316L, advanced technology and innovative design enable cooking without water and frying without fats so food is healthier yet tastier, retaining its natural aromas, flavours, nutritive and biological values (vitamins, minerals, proteins, micro and macro trace elements), with fewer calories and no dangerous substances.  

Cooking with the stackable Masterpiece Cookware system saves food, energy, time and money, but most importantly, protects your health.

Zepter has conquered the world with the Zepter Masterpiece System. Today, more than ever before, everyone needs Zepter products, as the Zepter Mission of Health is the simple and evident way to bring essential quality to your lives.

Zepter Masterpiece Cookware


  • It transfers the heat evenly
  • Food does not burn
  • Tottally resistant to corrosion
  • Does not change colour
  • It is non-porous and does not retain food odours
  • Easier to use, clean and maintain
  • Indestructible, more resistant to physical and chemical effects
  • Environmentally-friendly 
  • It is neutral and does not cause allergies
  • Unlimited guarantee
  • Modern design and technology

Zepter URA Technology


The patented triple Zepter Accuthermal Compact Bottom (ZAC) is the heart of Zepter's proper and everlasting way to prepare healthy food. It is made of 3 layers of light metal: inductive, accumulative and conductive. It is compressed by a pressing machine which exerts up to 2,000 tons of pressure (not glued or soldered together). It is indestructible, compact and undeformable after use. 

ZAC accumulates energy and transfers the heat quickly and evenly to the food so that it cooks at low temperatures. It saves 70% of food and energy. Designed for all heat sources, including inducted heat.

Zepter Cookware - Triple layer accuthermal compact bottom


Zepter URA (Ultimate Resistant Application) is an innovative non-stick technology. No harmful coating is applied, making it safe for your health.

The non-stick surface is created by a unique method that improves the structure of the metal on the inner surface of the pot; it is an integral part of the existing metal and cannot be detached, thus making the Zepter Smart Line Masterpiece Cookware indestructible, everlasting and absolutely safe.

Zepter URA (Ultimate Resistant Application)


Considerably heavier, ensuring that nothing escapes from inside the pot.

The magnificent contemporary design of the Zepter Lid features a convex shape with stylised “waves”. The centre of the lid is higher and rounder, offering more volume. For added convenience, the Zepter Lid can be rested on the Zepter patented Handles to save countertop space.

The specially designed Zepter Lid fits perfectly onto the pot edge, hermetically sealing the pot by a water seal, which enables the Zepter Closed Circle process.

Zepter Cookware Multifunctional Lid


Zepter Closed Circle is a process where the steam released by the food rises to the top, condenses upon contact with the lid, which is always cooler than the rest of the pot, and drips down onto the food. The process goes on undisturbed, until the food is perfectly cooked. 

The Zepter Closed Circle process allows the nutritional liquid to remain inside the pot and preserve the food, which is cooked in its own juices. The Zepter Closed Circle ensures the proper way of preparing healthy food, without adding water or fats, and always at low temperatures

Zepter Cookware - Closed steaming process


Does not spill over, it is cooler than the bottom of the pot and always stays clean.


Always cooler than the bottom, it enables condensation of nutritional liquids and the Closed Circle.


The Zepter patented Handles are uniquely designed not to overheat due to the patented technology ensuring minimal connectivity with the Zepter Masterpiece Cookware body. Their ergonomic and stylish design allows for a comfortable firm grip and easy handling. The handles are oven safe and easy to clean. They are made entirely of stainless steel being heat resistant.

• Uniquely designed and patented not to overheat
• Ergonomic and stylish
• Special Zepter PVD application
• Excellent durability and resistance to scratches
• Smart and practical design, enabling you to rest the lid on the pot handles
• Oven safe (will heat to oven’s temperature, so oven gloves required)

Zepter Cookware - Always Cool Handles


The Zepter Thermocontrol is a device that allows you to prepare healthy food the proper way at the correct temperature and to control the cooking process without lifting the lid. 

The food cooks in its own juice at low temperature, retaining its nutritive and biological values. Closed Circle process goes undisturbed.

Zepter Masterpiece Cookware - Thermocontroller


Zepter has created a system based on a full range of cookware that can be used to prepare every imaginable dish. Whatever you need in terms of pot size and shape, the Zepter Superior Multisystem can deliver.

DEEP POTS are perfect for delicious soups and consommés.

OVAL POTS are used to prepare easy roasts of any kind, for you, your family or guests.

In need of the perfect fit for your stews? Choose from one of our variously-sized CASSEROLES for your next healthy culinary achievement.

Sudden craving for fried food? Use the Zepter FRYING PANS to fry without adding fats.

In need of the perfect grill? Use QUADRA, and enhance your cooking experience, not only with properly prepared healthy food, but by cooking with exceptional cookware shapes that will astonish you with their beauty and practicality.

And if you are a true chef, accustomed to exploring different cultures through the tastes and aromas of local cuisines, bring Asia to your home, and prepare more healthy food in our Zepter WOKS.


The Superior Multisystem allows stacked cooking enabling the simultaneous preparation of 2-3 meals on a single hob, always at lower temperatures, thus preserving the food’s nutritional values.

Zepter Superior Multisystem


  • Patented system for a proper and everlasting way to prepare healthy food, for a better and longer life
  • Superior metal, cutting-edge technology and luxury design
  • Safe, hygienic, environmentally-friendly
  • Multifunctional, with the simultaneous preparation of several meals on one heat source
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain
  • Saves energy, food, time and money
  • Protects your health
  • Investment for generations to come


Zepter Pressure Cooking