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Zepter Masterpiece Cookart Zepter Masterpiece Cookart

Zepter Syncro-Clik


You need only one Syncro-Clik® to turn your Zepter Masterpiece Cookware into a functional, top-quality quick cooking system without using additional water, oil or fats.

Under pressure, cooking temperatures can be raised significantly higher than with ordinary cooking methods.
This super heated steam cooks food quickly, evenly, and deliciously. Syncro-Clik® reduces cooking time by up to 80% and saves up to 60% of energy costs.

Faster cooking is better for the quality of food. Syncro-Clik® pressure cooking is fat-free cooking, as food is cooked in a steam atmosphere, so fats can be cooked out and drained away. Zepter fast cooking solution intensifies natural flavours, so you can use no salt and still get great taste. This preserves the most of the vitamins, minerals and the colour of vegetables and it’s great for cooking low-fat and vegetarian recipes.

You can’t cook healthier, tastier and faster than in the pressure cooker preserving heat for a long time.
Flavourful meals, tender meats and delicate fish are cooked to perfection in minutes.
Thanks to Syncro-Clik® it will be easy for even the busiest cooks to prepare healthy meals quickly.

Enjoy the healthy benefits of the Zepter quick cooking system!
  •  FAST - Reduces cooking time by up to 80%
  •  HEALTHY - Preserves highly nutritious food content.
  •  FAT-FREE COOKING - Without additional water, oil or fats.
  •  COST-EFFECTIVE - Saves up to 60% of energy costs.
  •  EASY - Can be closed with only two fingers. Hermetically seals Zepter pots. Simpler to use than a pressure cooker even if have never worked with one before.
  •  100% SAFE - Extra pressure safety valve.
  •  TECHNOLOGICAL - Thermocontrol indicator controls the cooking process.
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