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Zepter Wok
Zepter Wok cooks perfectly both vegetables and roast meat/fish at the same time which take advantage of vegetable juices, rich in vitamins and low in calories.
It is ideal for both Asian and traditional cuisine (roasts, vegetable soups, steam-cooked and fried foods). Zepter has realised a Wok which is the clever combination of Oriental cooking traditions and of the most advanced technologies, and materials.
Originally this pot used to have a round bottom that couldn’t fit today’s stoves. For that reason the Zepter WOK has been studied with a flat bottom that fits perfectly both to gas-rings and hot-plates and gives best performances in energy savings.

Zepter Wok gives you the meal that has a recognisable rich taste, but also that is free of the dangerous elements created in food by the overheated, or even worse - burned oil.
So please, if you want to break your diet rules from time to time, break them consciously and in a healthier way, always THE ZEPTER WAY.
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