“If a good knife is the single most important tool for any chef, why would you settle for anything less than perfect?”  

- Karl Gustav Felix, Founder

Traditionally crafted, top quality FELIX® knives are handmade by our master craftsmen, trained to make only the best.

Quality starts with the right raw material, and FELIX® uses only the best: ranging from high-alloyed X50CrMoV15 chromium molybdenum vanadium steel, Japanese VG10 multilayer Damascus steel, or X65CR13 razor blade steel. Being homogenous and compact, the microstructure of these steel grades guarantees flexibility, resistance to corrosion and edge retention of the blades.

Being handmade, the quality directly depends on the skill of our master craftsmen. Each knife goes through 45 different work stages, and every single step relies on centuries old Solingen knowledge, precision work, a good eye, care and love for detail.

Functionality and design of our knives, the perfect handling and use of a knife depends on how it is shaped, how it fits in your hand, how it is balanced, how the power reaches the blade when cutting. From the first look and touch, FELIX® knives have all these characteristics and distinguish themselves through their superior quality and beautiful design.

FELIX knives- Absolute Collection


FELIX® is a company with tradition, and one of the oldest knife manufacturers, producing cutlery since 1790. Karl Gustav FELIX founded the company Gustav Felix Schneidwaren fabrik in 1843, establishing a two centuries long legacy of craftsmanship, manufacturing knives renowned around the world for their extraordinary quality.

In 2012, ZEPTER International, a multi-brand global company that produces, sells and distributes exclusive, high quality consumer goods around the world, purchased FELIX® Solingen GmbH, thus securing its position as the market leader for the production of top quality knives. Zepter’s unique vision, superior quality and innovative products found a true match in the tradition and superior craftsmanship of FELIX®.

FELIX knives - Olive Wood

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FELIX knives