International Design Award

“One of the principles underlying my lifestyle - and which, I believe, underlies the lifestyles  of those closest to me - is that the shape of everyday objects is as important as their purpose.”   - Madlena Zepter 

Artzept, an international design competition founded by Mrs. Madlena Zepter, gives the world’s most talented young designers well-deserved recognition, with prizes and publicity, and provides them with the opportunity to exhibit their work in Zepter’s luxurious shops throughout Europe. 

Just like its sponsor, Zepter International, Artzept is dedicated to building the home of tomorrow, for the people of tomorrow. Zepter International accomplishes this goal by producing top-class domestic appliances that are designed to improve the health and environmental awareness of people today. Artzept contributes to this mission in the field of artistic design as a unification of business and art, of rationally and emotions, and of function and meaning.

Established by Mrs. Madelena Zepter in 2004, Artzept has grown from strength to strength and is regarded today as one of the most acclaimed design awards in the world. 

Every year, Mrs. Zepter defines a competition theme and a jury made of very reputable artists and critics judges the work of the participants. The contest is open to young, emerging talent from all over the world and aims at stimulating creativity and igniting new ideas as well as supporting exceptionally talented designers. 

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Zepter International is pleased to announce 18th design competition entitled: