Marshaly Insurance Broker's core competency lies in its independent, specific and holistic approach to financial counselling. 

We provide the best possible advice and know-how to our clients, as well as to our consultants. Marshaly Insurance Broker, with its headquarters in Switzerland, has long-term collaborations with Europe’s biggest insurance companies, enabling us to provide a diverse product portfolio. 

Cooperation with renowned expert professionals allows us to master the complex challenges specific to each market. The primary principle of our company's philosophy is: independent, specific and holistic financial consulting tailored to the client’s specific needs.

With the Zepter brand as a token of unfailing durability and quality and a highly specialized expert staff with decades of experience, Marshaly Insurance Broker capitalizes on its long-accumulated knowledge and offers clients one of the most valuable things in life: a safe future.

Our independent positioning in the market, and longstanding partnerships with the most renowned insurance companies worldwide, enables us to provide not only the best solutions but to work out an exclusive portfolio tailored to your needs.

The Zepter business philosophy is ever recognizable in the business affairs of Marshaly Insurance Broker. Personal and property insurance, pension plans and health care are always delicate subjects for clients, and in past years the financial market has been marked by a tangled range of dissatisfying offers. 

Making the right choice requires a huge amount of specialized knowledge and future-oriented market-overview. Marshaly Insurance Broker provides all this by combining responsibility, expertise and professionalism.


It is Marshaly Insurance Broker’s mission to best respond to the needs of its clients for insurance products by offering expert financial counselling services. Led by the business philosophy of its parent company - the Zepter company - Marshaly Insurance Broker strives to position itself as a leading brokerage company in all markets where it operates.

The company plans to develop and expand to other markets, as well as to extend its cooperation with various financial institutions, to ensure our clients have access to the best financial products available and the brightest future possible.


Marshaly Insurance Broker has its headquarters in Switzerland and is successfully established in several European countries including Serbia, Croatia and Slovakia. Wherever we conduct our business, we are recognized for our expert knowledge and quality. Aside from that, the company also stands out for its distinctive office buildings, where employees have the most up-to-date working conditions.