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7 Bad Habits that are beyond your anti-aging skincare routine

7 Bad Habits that are beyond your anti-aging skincare routine

What Causes Premature Skin Aging

As we all know, there are some external factors and daily activities that cause premature facial skin aging, such as pollution, putting make up, sun exposure, weather condition – wind, cold weather, and stress related to our work and lifestyle. All these factors can age our skin faster than we think, causing our skin to lose its elasticity and firmness which may lead to wrinkles and fine lines. We cannot do much about it. But there are some habits that we could actually change and control in order to fight or postpone the skin aging. Good anti-aging skincare routine is always a necessity but it is time to make a “Bad-Habits-I-Want-To-Get-Rid-Of” Bucket list and make some changes in your daily routine. It will be so much worth it, we promise!

1. Smoking

Yes, we have the enemy number one, and you are not going to like it if you are passionate smoker. But you do need to know that smoking can damage your skin in only a few days. The cigarette smoke depletes your body of Vitamin C which causes skin dryness. It also causes formation of wrinkles on the face.

3. Too Much Alcohol

Well, basically all known vices that are bad for your body, are also bad for your skin, so this one is not big news. Alcohol is a diuretic, effectively dehydrating your body of the moisture and essential nutrients your skin cells need to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin fibers.

3. Lack of Sleep

You need at least seven to eight hours of good night sleep to let your skin cells renew. When you don’t get enough sleep, it shows on your skin, causing it to be dull and dry. A sleep deprivation also causes you to have dark circles around your eyes which make you look older. Skin can have grey and loose appearance due to a lack of collagen production which happens overnight.

4. Too much make up

Did you know that using too much make up can also accelerate aging? Too much make up, especially if it contains oil, block pores and causes infections. Products that contain perfume and alcohol cause dryness of the skin which results in wrinkles. Furthermore, don’t forget to clean your face before sleeping. Furthermore, you have to clean your face and remove the make up properly. This is something we can help you with La Danza Beauty care line has just perfect products for proper face cleansing. 

5. Not Taking Care of Your Skin around the Eyes

We often miss caring for our eyes and leave it unprotected to sun exposure. Squinting can also form wrinkles at the outer portion of the eyes. Another problem is the area under the eyes where some can get dark circles. External factors that cause this can be rubbing or scratching your eyes, sun exposure, lack and fatigue. You should show your eyes some love and start taking care of the skin around the eyes in time: La Danza products target this specific area with: La Danza Cellular Eye Serum  and La Danza Soft Touch Eye Cream.

6. Constant Use of Electronic Devices

This one can be quite hard to skip: The experts are warning on high energy visible (HEV) light emitted from our computer screens or mobile devices. This so called blue light can cause damage to the skin – and ultimately cause premature aging.

7. Using the Wrong Products

Products that contain harsh chemicals will damage your skin cells over time, so it is important to use proper beauty care products that contain natural ingredients. Using the wrong products will make your skin look irritated, prone to breakouts and redness which will lead to skin aging. Luckily for you, La Danza products  are completely safe containing best quality ingredients and scientific formulations.

What should you do?
The solution is not easy, but we don’t call bad habits – habits for nothing. You should ask yourself a question: do you want to look younger and postpone aging process? If your answer is yes, then you should do some tweaks in your behavior, so try to do following for your overall wellbeing that is reflected on your skin: eat healthy, exercise, limit device use, cut on alcohol, stop smoking, choose the right products, rehydrate properly, make cleaning your face a priority, use proper sun protection, never forget eye protection.

If you have any other anti-aging tips in mind, share your thoughts with us in the comments below! 

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