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6 tips to protect your skin during winter

6 tips to protect your skin during winter

Cold weather can be tough on skin. Harsh winds, cold temperatures, indoor heaters and dry air can cause skin to crack, peel and redden. You should prepare your skin for the winter by choosing the right skin care products and even do more to protect it. The following tips can help you reduce chapping and redness that are typical for winter skin.

1. Cover Exposed Skin
Winter air is damaging to skin, so you should cover exposed skin as much as possible. Wear gloves, hats, scarfs, and other warm clothing while outdoors to protect your skin and prevent cracking. If you will be outside for extended periods, consider the use of a ski mask, which will protect your face from harsh winter winds and biting snow and ice.

2. Stay hydrated
Keep your skin healthy and hydrated from the inside by drinking plenty of water and eating nutritious, moisture-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables.

3. Turn down the heat
Avoid showering with very hot water. Although it might feel great in the winter it can strip your skin of important oils. Use warm or lukewarm water instead. At the same time turn down the heat indoor and wear more close instead. When you go to sleep turn off the heat and sleep with more clothes or blankets to get warm.
4. Limit Exfoliation
Don’t over-exfoliate your skin. One time per week should be more than enough. Wash your face lightly with a wash cloth (with very light rubbing).

5. Avoid Alcohol-Based Skincare Products
Putting products with alcohol on your skin can dry them out. In particular, avoid peels and other astringents, which can be very harsh on your skin. Try some of our products from the La Danza collection.

6. Use A Hydrating Mask
If your skin is dry, you may also consider using a hydrating mask made with natural moisturizing ingredients such as La Danza essential protecting complex.

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