Intercosmetica Neuchâtel S.A., Switzerland, was founded in 1956 by the German group Wella. Zepter Group acquired Intercosmetica in 1996, and thus the Zepter Cosmetics & Luxury division was established. 

Through its own R&D and Skin Testing departments, Intercosmetica laboratories are constantly researching and testing pure and effective formulas for a new generation of cosmetics. Intercosmetica has the highest level of quality management systems (certified ISO 9001:2015) and guarantees perfect control of its cosmetic lines. Beginning with the development of smart formulas right through to the production of the final product, Intercosmetica fully supports the projects of its clients. 

Combining innovative technologies with natural and organic active ingredients, Zepter Cosmetics has accomplished outstanding results in the field of phytocosmetics, and its line of cosmetics is a perfect solution to enhance and protect your health and beauty. 

ZEPTER Swiss Laboratory offers you natural and hi-tech PARABEN-FREE beauty products for fast and intensive anti-ageing results, in combination with particularly gentle formulas, dedicated to the most sensitive skin. 

Intercosmetica laboratories

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Uniting the most recent breakthroughs in cosmetic dermatology and genetics in a concentrate of technology and innovation, we got one step closer to finding the solution for a perfect, young and healthy look - our powerful Swiss age-defying serums.

GOLDEN SEAWEED (Antileukine 6), a unique algae extract, is the star of our newly developed serums. Using the highest concentration of golden seaweed, DNA damage is significantly reduced and the maximum anti-ageing benefits are achieved.